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Fundação Torino – Identity

Branding category runner-up at the 2015 Minas Communication Awards.

New brand identity for Fundação Torino International School, founded by Fiat Corporation in Belo Horizonte.

Fundação Torino is an educational institution founded by Fiat Corporation (currently FCA Group) in Minas Gerais over 40 years ago. The school’s humanist values, international outlook, as well as its teaching based on a continuous evolution of the individual, served as inspiration and reference for the new brand identity design.

In addition to being a symbol of the city of Turin, FCA Group’s hometown, the mounted knight figure is a rereading of the school’s first logo, while also representing an intuitive movement towards the future. Metaphorically, the horse is moving forward, in constant evolution, serving as a symbolic image of conquering the world. The globe at the bottom of the composition is a direct reference to this world to be pioneered through the skills and knowledge acquired in the institution’s international schooling.

The iconography’s lines are continuous and have open endings, making the image permeable, and representing an openness to new horizons. The visual composition relates to a classically inspired education that yet keeps room for innovation.

The main chromatic palette also comes from Turin, with adaptations to contemporary yellow and blue shades, which are applied in every logo-derived graphism, with movements and angles related to a dynamics of amplitude and possibilities.

For the occasion of the institution’s 40th anniversary, a stamp was designed, in line with the already incorporated main logo. And along with the school’s proposed brand identity, a segmentation of specific elements and colors for Fundação Torino’s Language School was also created.

Creative director: Mariana Hardy
Executive director: Cynthia Massote
Project manager: Nathália Massote
Design: Délio Faleiro