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Inhotim Trópicos Collection

Estufa Label – Inhotim Design Studio.

Creation of exclusive prints for Inhotim Design Store’s porcelain collection, produced by Germer Porcelanas.

As it is for its daily visitors, Inhotim is a constant source of inspiration for its Design Store’s product development team. The challenge this time was to come up with an unique signature print for the porcelain collection created by Germer Porcelanas, a manufacturer whose production is entirely carried out in Brazil.

The tropicality, exuberance of forms, and the vibrant colors of the leaves and flowers in Inhotim’s gardens inspired the creation of illustrations that decorate the products of Inhotim’s Trópicos Collection. They consist of graphic compositions made of color layers, as well as of stroke and filling variations, resembling manual labor.

Each piece in the collection, which includes plates, bowls, mugs, and cups, received a custom print application, in order to give more personality and “Inhotim value” to every one of its items.

Creative Directors: Mariana Hardy and André Coelho
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Design: Gabriela Silva
Project Manager: Ricardo Lopes
Production: Germer Porcelanas