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Acaiaca – Brazilian Original Design

An initiative by Hardy Design partners Mariana Hardy and Cynthia Massote, with Dmais Design creator Renato Tomasi.

Brand identity for the project that curates, disseminates, and markets Brazilian original design.

Acaiaca aims to articulate, curate, diffuse and market Brazilian original design. The naming was designed to meet the partners’ wishes of a nominal characterization with a strong Brazilian accent. In addition to being Brazilian cedar’s tupi-guarani name, Acaiaca also refers to a building that carries a fierce affective memory for Belo Horizonte natives – the Acaiaca Building, an art-deco landmark in its downtown skyline.

The brand identity design took advantage of traits of the chosen name as reference, such as the word spelling – with several “As” – and its palindrome feature, along with the symbologies related to the term, with the choice of uppercase typography as a result. The repetitive inclinations led to the application of hatching as a visual element, complementary to the typographic force of the written term.

The enterprising was born as a pop-up store at CasaCor Minas 2018, which then decided to continue occupying spaces in various similarly curated events. Therefore, the editorial design had to convey an adaptive nature in its unfoldings. In addition to a required neutrality, the choice for the black and white duo also brings forward a strong contrast and, finally, elegance.

Creative director: Mariana Hardy
Executive director: Cynthia Massote
Project manager: Mirelle Bairral
Design: Délio Faleiro (brand identity), Laura Moretzsohn, Rafael Amato, and Fernando Dias (unfoldings), Camila Malloy (digital interface)
Graphic production: Mirelle Bairral