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Adriana Varejão Collection for Inhotim

Design of scarves and beach wraps based on the works of artist Adriana Varejão for Inhotim Loja Design.

The Adriana Varejão Collection features fragments from artist Adriana Varejão’s artwork printed on scarves and beach wraps.

The works “Celacanto provoca maremoto” [“Coelacanth causes tidal wave”] and “Carnívoras” [“Carnivores”] were chosen to print the pieces, which aim to highlight the colors, shapes and techniques featured in the artist’s work.

The beach wraps and carrés, produced by the Hana Khalil brand, feature versatile fittings that adjust to the body in all its shapes, providing fluidity and lightness.

The Adriana Varejão Collection for Inhotim is part of a limited edition of the “Artists” series, which promotes Inhotim Institute’s collection through products available at Inhotim Loja Design.

Idealization: Cristiana Paz
Creative director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Design coordinator: Pedro de Albergaria
Project manager: Izabela Rodrigues
Designer: Vitor Paiva
Product design and photography art direction: Hana Khalil
Photos: Luiza Ananias