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Environmental graphics and signage for the flagship of Alice, a startup that provides an integrated health service in São Paulo.

Alice is a start-up that brings innovation to the health field, with an integrated network program, inspired by the primary care health model, and different from conventional plans. In order to meet a faster and uncomplicated lifestyle, the company offers a new concept of medical care, providing a humane and welcoming service.

The design of the signage and environmental graphics for their new headquarters in São Paulo took into account the conveying of these premises into a physical environment, thus seeking to inspire lightness and trust in a contemporary way.

The project’s idea was to unfold the branding previously created by Futurebrand and design a conceptual narrative based on Alice’s four pillars: mind, food, body, and sleep. As the main color of the brand, pink permeates the whole signage, always accompanied by a lot of white and black to bring a fresh and airy visual concept. The pastel tones as supporting colors help convey subtlety and serenity.

Acrylic was chosen as the main material for being light, versatile, and full of possibilities. Due to its transparencies, it allows for overlays and compositions with interesting and unusual results. Metal, neon, fabrics with transparency and adhesiveness show up as complementary materials that bring fluidity and organicity.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy⁣⁣
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote⁣⁣
Designer: Fernando Dias and Mateus Tenuta
Project Manager: Joana Rocha
Photos: Carolina Lacaz

Partner companies:
ACR Arquitetura
Noak Studio
Salix Engenharia
Rafaela Novaes Paisagismo
Futurebrand Global