Andarilho : Hardy Design – Estúdio de Design e Branding


Brand identity for Cao Guimarães’ documentary.

The movie contemplates the relationship between walking and thinking, and the idea of life as a mere state of transition. The protagonists’ displacements convey an ephemeral aspect to the cinematography, with blurry images and very wide shots. The sensation is one of constant movement, of something that is not fixed anywhere.
Based on this concept, some of the movie’s blurred frames were selected, creating a similar visual impact on the printing process.
An exclusive font, based on human proportions, was designed for this project. The lettering floats over the asphalt in a layout that puts it in dialog with the protagonist. The handwriting, with its imperfections, conveys the idea of something that is in transience.

This project’s credits are not yet updated.
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