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Appa – Arts and Culture

Rebranding and 25-year stamp for APPA – Arts and Culture, an institution specialized in financing, developing, and executing cultural projects in the state of Minas Gerais.

In 2018, APPA – formerly known as Pro-Culture and Arts Promotion Association – celebrated its 25-year anniversary. Due to the institution’s growth and expanded presence in the cultural market, a revamp and repositioning of the brand became necessary. We identified the need to reflect this new positioning also in the naming, which went from APPA (Pro-Culture and Arts Promotion Association) to simply APPA – Arts and Culture.

The new brand identity communicates this synthetic proposal by using an elegant and elongated font that, combined with the slanted axis, suggests APPA’s connection with a diversity of partners and movements, along with a vibrant palette. What was once static and linear is now dynamic and energetic. The idea of angulation inaugurates a new point of view, a reference to range and scope. The plurality expressed therein conveys the versatility of the projects that will be developed, reinforcing the identity beyond its seriousness and tradition.

Creative director: Mariana Hardy
Executive director: Cynthia Massote
Creative coordinator: Délio Faleiro
Project manager: Marcelo Pantuzza
Design: Laura Moretzsohn
Graphic production: Mirelle Bairral