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Atiaîa Lighting Design

Brand identity for lighting design firm Atiaîa.

The design concept comes from the meaning of the name Atiaîa – “ray of light” in the tupi language, or “that which reflects luminosity”. The logo explores the focus and blur effect similarly to our optical perception of space. Focusing our eye on one point means blurring everything else, and this constant and involuntary optical movement changes according to ambient light conditions.

The lines across the graphic materials represent the inclination of the sun’s rays, centered around the Ecuador Line. The three inclinations refer to the coordinates of three significant cities in the architectural career of Atiaîa’s founding partner.

The black and white follow light’s essential concept: the contrast between bright and dark, light and shadow. The absence of color grants the required neutrality for the presentation of projects.

Creative director: Mariana Hardy and André Coelho
Executive director: Cynthia Massote
Project manager: Átila Rocha
Design: Carolina Santana