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Casa do Vinho – Identity

Rebranding, packaging, and storefront signage for traditional wine trader Casa do Vinho

Casa do Vinho (“Wine House”) is a traditional family business, whose owners are directly responsible for each label chosen, as well as for its customer service. They are known for their curatorial excellence in European wines, and for the reliability of a company founded in 1947.

The new identity offers a family endorsement that reinforces their role in the business, and creates a differentiation from other similar companies. For this, a shipping box-like stamp (appropriate symbolism for a wine importer) was designed, working as a joint signature with the main logo.

The packaging system designed works for one, two, or more wines, with reinforcement for larger weights. The kraft paper bags are printed with Italian canteen-inspired patterns, with a seal sticker and custom red ribbon closing option for gift cases. The system also provides custom tissue wrapping paper for the bottles, and tags that indicate special vintage wines.

Creative director: Mariana Hardy
Executive director: Cynthia Massote
Project manager: Marcela Dantés
Design: Rafael Maia
Artwork: Lucas Costa
Graphic production: Marden Diniz