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CasaCor - Garden of Mangabeiras Collection

Design of a print for the products sold at the CASACOR Minas Gerais 2019’s pop-up store.

In the 2019 edition of CASACOR Minas Gerais, we revisited the original blueprint for Burle Marx’s Garden at Palácio das Mangabeiras, in order to design the illustration featured in the poster and in the products sold at the event’s official store.

The color stains in the landscaper’s original artwork come from the hue of the flowers in each garden patch. The trees are represented one layer above, in dark strokes.

In addition to this blueprint, we chose images of species such as Calliandra, Spiked Spiralflag Ginger, Cork tree, Daylily, Leadwort, Esparto grass, and Purple Glory tree to design the organic colorful shapes printed in notebooks, coloring books, mugs, scarves, posters, sets of placemats, beach wraps, blankets, and tote bags.

The final result were pieces that paid homage to this gem of Brazilian modernism, while also reinforcing the purpose of disseminating the movement among CASACOR Minas Gerais’ audience.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Designer: Arthur Reis
Illustration: Fabi Rafael
Project Manager: Izabela Rodrigues
Graphic Production: Rita Abdo
Photo: Mateus Lustosa (Estúdio Ventana)