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Creative Week in Tiradentes

Visual identity and signage for the annual festival that takes place in the historic city of Tiradentes (MG, Brazil) and contributes to the growth of the creative economy.

The visual identity of the Creative Week in Tiradentes (in Minas Gerais, Brazil) sought to value the roots of local craftsmanship by connection between heritage and contemporary. For the exhibition that brings together artisans, architects, designers and other artistic expressions to Tiradentes’s traditions we created an identity that dialogues with the architectural landscape of the historic city, whose buildings – almost all of which are listed – express a language of their own.

The brand’s lettering is inspired by the proportion of colonial windows and doors, which have very wide, robust and colorful doorfronts. To achieve this result, we used a very condensed typography, which refers to the solidity of the buildings, in addition to types in wood, which simulate a rustic and worn texture, and still emphasize the manual process. The lettering configuration features different designs and compositions, that add a certain spontaneity to the brand. The resource allows different forms of writing and creates an identity that changes and adapts to each space.

The color palette of the project is another changing element. To get to the chosen shades of blue, brown, yellow and red, we made a series of photographic records to identify the colors that most relate to the colonial language of the city. The idea is that this palette can also be combined in different ways, generating diversity in the graphic materials.

To complement the identity, we found an old typographic ornament, whose floral design gives rise to a pattern that is sometimes deconstructed, sometimes grouped, indicating the feeling of collectivity, union and connection that defines the event responsible for bringing together people from all over Brazil. The brand’s visual identity also unfolded in a series of graphic and digital pieces, as well as for the festival’s exhibition, which included exhibitions and exhibitions in cultural spaces in Tiradentes.

Creative Direction: Mariana Hardy⁣⁣
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote⁣⁣
Project Manager: Izabela Rodrigues
Designer: Vitor Paiva and Vitor Garcia
Graphic Production: Rita Abdo