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Dear D.

Brand identity and Naming for the jewelry brand created by Debora Patrus.

The jewelry line created by Débora Patrus was born from her family history and a display of affection between generations. The grandmother’s legacy to her granddaughter, a box of cut gemstones, was the starting point for the creation of the first pieces, whose designs reflect a powerful emotional charge.

Débora’s initial guided the brand’s naming process, which alludes to symbols of affection, such as letters, book inscriptions, and love declarations. The name’s unassuming aspect is reinforced by Dear D.’s brand identity, elaborated from handwriting, which permeates human relationships and acquires an even more special meaning in a world dominated by digital media.

The color palette in pastel shades works as a reclamation of the past in an extremely current interpretation. The golden, in turn, conveys the jewelry industry’s sophistication.

Just as the brand’s pieces, the project advocates the union of classic and contemporary, conveying the affective essence of Dear D.’s designs, which are more than luxury items, being also personalized symbols filled with history and meaning.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Project Manager: Marcelo Pantuzza
Designer: Fernando Dias
Graphic Production: Mirelle Bairral
Photo: Mateus Lustosa (Estúdio Ventana)