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Divine Divas

People’s Choice Award winner at both SXSW Festival’s Global section and Rio Film Festival 2016.

Identity for director Leandra Leal’s documentary, which chronicles the history of Brazil’s first generation of transsexual artists.

In 1960’s Rio de Janeiro, Rival Theater hosted the performances of Brazil’s first generation of transsexual artists. Leandra Leal directed Divine Divas as a way of celebrating stories that defined part of her childhood, as well as the history of Rival, which was then under the direction of her grandfather, Américo Leal. The documentary tracks the careers of Rogéria, Jane Di Castro, Divina Valéria, Camille K, Fujika de Halliday, Eloína dos Leopardos, Marquesa, and Brigitte de Búzios, as well as the repercussions of their actions, from a unique point of view only she could capture.

A identidade do filme foi inspirada nos ornamentos do teatro e suas volutas na fThe film’s identity was inspired by the theater ornaments, and its volutes by the Divas’ femininity. Neutraface, chosen as the base font, provides a synthetic language for the film’s credits, and its cohesion gives balance to the composition. The goal was to capture the viewer’s imagination using the visual atmosphere of the production. The frame chosen as the movie publicity poster sums up the documentary’s core themes with a symbolic image.

The frame choice presents the exact moment between the two recurring cinematic leitmotifs: stage and backstage. It metaphorically places the movie’s and poster’s viewer in this same moment. The graphic juxtaposition between two of the poster’s compositional elements – the character’s bald head, and her extravagantly-detailed dress – reflects the film atmosphere. The typographic treatment of the production credits in the poster mirrors the movie’s subtitles.

For the project’s initial financing, a book was designed to introduce the universe and the concept of what eventually became the award-winning production.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Design: Rafael Maia (brand identity and editorial design) and Vitor Carvalho (poster and lettering review)
Project Manager: Nathália Monteiro