Donana : Hardy Design – Estúdio de Design e Branding


Brand identity for a London-based interior design studio.

The London-based brazilian architect designs house and apartment interiors. The very name of the firm already points to a personal approach to the projects. Her creative process involves understanding each client’s lifestyle, their personal taste, objects of affection, and memories. The design respects each client’s history in order to create not simply a space, but a home.

Blending London atmosphere with some elements of Brazilian culture, the projects carry a unique personality, full of meanings often hidden in objects, fabrics, furniture, and other details.

The brand identity explores a very symbolic element of a homeowner: the door key. Also referring to the idea of secret, of something yet to be revealed, the old-key-models-covered pattern conveys her projects’ unique personalities.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Project Manager: Mariana Muchon
Design: Délio Faleiro
Interface design: Camila Malloy