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Evolua Energia

Visual identity and appointment for a new company in the field of renewable energy generation.

Evolua is a new company in the field of renewable energy generation whose focus is to contribute, not only to a change in mentality, but also to a disruption in the consumer market. Hardy Design’s work sought to translate this positioning in a light, purposeful and empathetic way, from the creation of the brand name to the production of its entire visual identity.

Our challenge started in the naming process, when we realized that the new times call for an imperative for change. The name “Evolua”, “Evolve” in Portuguese, suggests that, more than exchanging one service for another, it is necessary to evolve, just like the verb proposes.

For the creation of the Evolua brand, we sought inspiration in the concept of movement and transformation, reinforcing the brand’s value proposition. The idea is that these characteristics were evident in the icon and in the color palette so that this visual identity reinforces the idea of ​​transformation in the model of the consumer market for power energy.

In order to inspire these changes in the energy sector, we created a brand with an icon of weight and light lettering, so that the transformation was already an explicit concept directly in this set. The focus on the letter “E” refers to the idea of ​​connection and energy bars, which speaks directly to the service offered by the company. The color palette is composed of yellow and orange, solar tones that relate to heat waves, and green, which represents sustainability. The tones are mixed in a gradient, a graphic resource used to stimulate a fluid and direct communication with your customers.

As part of the brand’s behavior, we also work with this visual identity image system to build a humanized approach that is close to its audience. In addition, we also explore solid sources to reinforce the desire to build a relationship of trust and partnership with its customers.

Creative Direction: Mariana Hardy
Executive Direction and Naming: Cynthia Massote
Design: Pedro Albergaria
Project Management: Mariana Muchon