Flow : Hardy Design – Estúdio de Design e Branding


Brand identity for the pilates studio that offers personalized service.

Flow is a Pilates studio whose identity needed to convey the fluidity and energy provided by its method, as well as the service’s personalized aspect.

Through lines inspired by Pilates’ moves, the designed logo conveys the methodology’s core idea of flow, already featured in the space’s name.

Completing this feeling of harmony, the project also presents organic graphic elements and a rather colorful chromatic palette, which unfold both in the studio’s interiors, designed by Casa Tereze, and in the items that are part of the brand’s universe.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy⁣⁣
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Creative Coordinator: Pedro Albergaria ⁣⁣⁣⁣
Designer: Stephanie Gonzaga
Project Manager: Izabela Rodrigues
Interior design project: Casa Tereze