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Fundação Torino – New Website

Information architecture and digital interface project for Fundação Torino school’s website.

The brand identity previously designed for Fundação Torino was the basis for the editorial design of the institution’s new website. It was suited for digital interaction by applying its geometric elements and figuring the symbolic aspects of breadth of horizons.

The website layout leverages the strength of the brand’s repertoire to prioritize information according to interaction, with large areas of solid colors and geometric patterns reinforcing the transition between sections.

Along the basic graphic structure, videos and photos were produced for the project, with the premise of genuinely and affectionately capturing and conveying the student’s acquaintanceship process in school, as well as the quality and diversity of the environment’s structure.

The language defined for the interface is intended to be practical and approachable, taking into account the several audiences that will be accessing it (parents, students, school staff, and external public), establishing a direct connection with these different user profiles.

Similarly, the information architecture was designed to aggregate content and simplify navigation, making it didactic, since the amount of information required by a school’s central digital space is quite dense.

The navigation intends to guide and clarify the user in regards to the school’s physical and teaching structure, doing justice to Fundação Torino’s international and excellence features.

Creative director: Mariana Hardy
Executive director: Cynthia Massote
Project manager: Mariana Muchon
Design: Camila Malloy
Photography: Marcelo Coelho
Video: Olada Filmes
Web development: Raynner Patry