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Google for Startups

Featured at the 2019 Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial, bronze at the 2020 Brasil Design Award.

Signage and setting for the Brazilian unit of Google's startup campus, in São Paulo.

Google for Startups is a Google startup accelerator that currently has seven campuses around the world. The wayfinding and environmental graphics project for the Brazilian unit in São Paulo was one of the first studies on the physical application of the program’s new visual identity, which underwent a repositioning process.

In the signage created by Hardy Design, the emblematic chromatic palette of Google, added to the hatching element present in the Google for Startups brandbook, was worked in blocks of colors with different hues, layers, textures and volumes. The six floors of the building were differentiated by color, according to the use of the spaces: workspaces for resident startups, Google team workplace and coworking open to the public.

The signage project sought to bring three-dimensionality to the boxes and other graphic elements available. For this, we work with different overlapping thicknesses and materials with different finishes. Hatches, for example, were translated sometimes as light channels, sometimes in wooden structures, which is part of our thinking of space as part of the graphic project. Other elements of the brandbook that were extensively explored were the texts, which bring information, personality and tone of voice of the brand for signage.

In addition to the functional character of the signage, we also created panels to interfere in the mood and differentiate the use of spaces. We have developed visual communication pieces that translate the organizational culture, such as the map that indicates where the other Google For Startups campuses are in the world and the panel that shows the cycles of the acceleration programs with the names of each participating startup, located in the area of coffee.

On the rooftop of the building, we wanted to increase the idea of ​​being outdoors, in a relaxed environment, outside the air conditioning. For this, we invited the artist Thiago Mazza, whose work is known for its botanical themes, to make a painting on the balcony’s wall.

The signage created for Google for Startups was able to meet one of the great challenges of the project: to create harmony with the architectural language, which is very young and clean, while still being intuitive and functional. The relevance of the work was recognized with the award won at the 2019 Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial, promoted by ADG Brasil – Association of Graphic Designers of Brazil, and bronze at the 2020 Brasil Design Award.

Creative Direction: Mariana Hardy⁣⁣
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Creative Coordination: Délio Faleiro and Pedro de Albergaria
Design: Délio Faleiro, Fernando Dias and Rafael Amato
Project Management: Mariana Muchon and Joana Rocha
Graphic Production: Mirelle Bairral and Rita Abdo