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Inhotim – Branding

Winner at the International Design Communication Awards (IDCA) 2012.
Featured in Print Magazine Award 2007.

Brand identity system and brandbook for Inhotim Institute.

With one of the largest contemporary art collections in the world, on display in a Botanical Garden with over 4,500 species, Inhotim is a place in constant transformation, where art and nature offer people new forms of presence, perception, and senses.

In 2004, the creation of the new brand was inspired by the space’s ever-changing features, and the light’s role in this constant mutation, by way of projecting light and shadow through a typographic mask. The mask serves as a window that creates a permeability between logo and the surface where it is applied.

The process resulted in different versions of the logo, of which three were selected for use. The concept guided the design and graphical exercises for Inhotim’s identity, developing into stationery, entrance signage, and other demands over the years.

In 2015, the work reached a stage of maturity, which resulted in the creation of a brandbook. Based on it, the identity system’s visual behavior guidelines were defined in a more complex way, setting conceptual parameters, complementary graphic resources, as well as guidelines for chromatic, graphic, photographic, material, and format exercise, inaugurating a new moment in the Institute’s communication.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy

Brand Identity
Conceptualization: Mariana Hardy and Fernando Maculan
Design: André Coelho, Ana Luiza Gomes, and Laura Barbi

Brandbook / Estufa Label – Inhotim Design Studio
Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Design: André Coelho, Ana Fonseca, Fernando Dias, Gabriela Silva, and Pedro de Albergaria
Project Manager: Ricardo Lopes
Graphic Production: Mirelle Bairral