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Inhotim Global Change

Estufa Label – Inhotim Design Studio

Brand identity for Inhotim Global Change, a project in partnership with Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (BID).

In 2015, Inhotim and Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (Inter-American Development Bank – BID) signed a partnership, with the purpose of enhancing the Institute’s agenda in the environmental and sustainable development field, taking into account the Institute’s powerful role in the regional development of environmental education.

This acknowledgement served as a guide for the project’s brand identity, which starts from the contours of the region’s topography, bringing forth Inhotim’s own idea of expansion, to arrive at a graphics reminiscent of upper atmosphere’s air masses circulation drawings, connecting with the concept of climate change.

The design reinforces the concept of propagation: how small local actions can bring about positive effects in a global scale.

In 2017, the international seminar “Climate Change and Biodiversity: Ideas and Attitudes that Make a Difference” was held as part of the partnership. The event introduced to the public inspiring actions that contribute to sustainable development, and was Inhotim’s first international symposium on the theme.

The Seminar’s brand identity stems from the partnership’s identity, in an approximation exercise. Details were added to the graphic element, as if it were being viewed at a large zoom. The revelation of textures and new graphic elements resemble a living and changing organism.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy and André Coelho
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Design: Fernando Dias
Project Manager: Ricardo Lopes
Graphic Production: Mirelle Bairral
Photography: William Gomes