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Inhotim Institute Reopening

Signage for Inhotim Institute’s reopening, regarding the safety of visitors and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the proposed signage of Inhotim’s reopening – the institute spent part of 2020 with restricted access due to the Covid-19 pandemic –, we tried to understand the museum’s new working flow, while also providing clear and objective recommendations, so that visitors and staff members could safely enjoy this return.

Based on this idea, we suggested that the communication material ought to be in line with a recommending tone of voice, as well as the use of graphic features that intensified respect, however, in sync with the institute’s distinctive lightness. Thereby, we tried to streamline the dialogue and avoid the use of alarmist and punitive terms.

Since this was an extraordinary circumstance, we suggested that this communication’s color palette did not include the institutional green or the colors already in use on the park’s other permanent signage. The choice of blue, with its cold shades, as the main tone reinforced aspects such as lightness and calmness, which were needed at that moment.

A citrus tone was used in specific pieces in order to establish a prominent aspect amidst all of Inhotim’s previous communication, while at the same time not interfering with the existing works and galleries.

As for the iconography, the same language used in Inhotim’s permanent signage was maintained, with the addition of items necessary to the communication during a pandemic. The use of the citrus tone as a detail reinforced the light, relaxed and yet recommending aspect of the communication.

The signage set also featured elements such as directional arrows positioned on the ground, maximum capacity signs, table displays with various orientations, service totems for temperature check and handwash gel dispensers, as well as the customization of the staff members’ protective masks with colors that conveyed joy and serenity.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Project Manager: Izabela Rodrigues
Design: Hudson Girundi
Graphic Production: Rita Abdo