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Inhotim Signage System

Signage system for the Contemporary Art Center and Botanical Garden, located in Brumadinho.

A visitation area of over one square kilometer. At its center, over 1,300 works of art on display, 23 galleries, and more than 4,500 botanical species. Inhotim’s dimensions are consistent with its importance. They also justify the creation of a signage system to assist the visitor’s experience.

More than directing the way to go, a good signage project enables the user’s learning of his surroundings. The more a person develops a mastery over spaces, routes, and distances, the greater is his/her sense of security and belonging to a certain place.

The project development started with a survey of the existing signage, followed by an analysis of visitors’ flows and behaviors. The new map’s design should have a simple and straightforward language. The new signage system was inspired by the language of subway lines, proposing the creation of three axes for the visitor’s interpretation and guidance in Inhotim, while also coming up with icons to represent each gallery.

The new set of signs is integrated to the organization by axis, with the intent of contributing to the visitor’s experience at Inhotim.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Design Coordinator: Gustavo Magno
Design: Thais Bara, Délio Faleiro, Mônica Fernandino, and Paula Vilela
Project Manager: Marcela Dantés
Graphic Production: Gustavo Magno, and Mirelle Bairral