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Inhotim’s Friends

Estufa Label – Inhotim Design Studio

New brand identity for Amigos do Inhotim (Inhotim’s Friends), Inhotim Institute’s individual support program for project maintenance and development.

By offering its associates exclusive benefits, Inhotim’s Friends Program aims to strengthen the connection between them and Inhotim. The brand identity design was based on concepts such as expansion, pollination, movement, attraction, and make together, understanding the program’s effort in broadening the member’s experience with Inhotim.

The logo represents the viewing expansion associated with the ideas of window, magnifying glass, lens, and go beyond. The identity also includes a set of graphic elements that reinforce the editorial design’s concepts.

Promotional materials have been created to support the program’s actions since 2015, when the new identity was launched.

That same year, International Friend’s Day was celebrated with the Friend’s Wish campaign: in a tree by the entrance of the Park, visitors were invited to celebrate the value of friendship by bestowing life’s best wishes upon their friends.

In 2016, on the same date, the Friend’s Stuff campaign featured daily gestures of friendship, linking them to moments and relationships experienced by Inhotim’s Friends. That day, all visitors were able to enjoy the benefits offered by the program, such as free admission and transportation, as well as discounts on food spots. The maps of the Park were handed out within photo frames, so that people were able to record and share on their social media the moments of their visit that illustrated the value of friendship.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Design: André Coelho and Fernando Dias
Project Manager: Brunna Lopes and Ricardo Lopes
Graphic Production: Mirelle Bairral
Photos: William Gomes