Modernist Caravan

Visual identity for the project that sought to revisit the Brazilian modernist legacy and signage for an exhibition held at the CCBB.

The Modernist Caravan, a CASACOR Minas project, sought to revisit artistic and cultural aspects linked to the production of the modernist period in Brazil. The journey started from Belo Horizonte towards Cataguases (MG), a municipality that, throughout its history, has been known for bringing together important works of plastic arts, design and, above all, architecture. In addition to being part of the legacy of this modernist pole, projects by names like Oscar Niemeyer and Burle Marx motivated the Caravan and inspired the identity.

The Caravana Modernista brand consists of a typographic composition that interacts graphically with the sketches of architectural works in the city of Cataguases. The robust and heavy typography, typical of modernist graphic projects of the 1960’s, is visually opposed to the sketched drawings, which refer to freer and more unpretentious observations of a trip. As a graphic resource for typographic composition, we reinforce the breaking of words, thus representing the movement dynamics of a caravan.

The posters of the Modernist Caravan were created in order to publicize the expedition and also to serve as a physical and a landmark of the passage of the caravan in the cities that made up the route traveled.

In addition to the Caravana’s visual identity, we also produced the banners and signage for the exhibition “Modernist Caravan – from Baroque to Modernism: the genesis of Brazilian authorial design”, carried out as the final result of the project. The exhibition showed objects from a collection that brings together items such as the first sketches by Joaquim Tenreiro, a dress designed by Burle Marx, as well as records of works by Niemeyer and the residence of Francisco Inácio Peixoto. The exhibition was held from November to December 2019 at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB) in Belo Horizonte.

Creative Direction: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Design: Rafael Amato
Project Management: Izabela Rodrigues
Production: Rita Abdo
Idealization: Rafael Alves
Expographic Project: Alexandre Rousset
Curatorial Collaboration: Cláudia Dodd