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Mutual Wish

Editorial for “Desejo Comum/Mutual Wish”, a book that documents the exchange process between Inhotim and the Tate Liverpool

In 2020, the Inhotim Institute and the British museum Tate Liverpool collaborated in an exchange, criticism, and self-reflection process that resulted in the project “Desejo Comum/Mutual Wish”, a book that documents this two-way experience between both institutions.

The multi-learning aspect inspired the volume’s visual design, in which the English and Portuguese texts are intertwined, exploring the boundaries of the recurring visual dichotomy in bilingual publications. The differentiation between languages is achieved by alternating colors.

As for the grid design, our main references were Brazilian magazines and journals that resulted from the conceptual materialization of artistic and cultural manifestos in the country. The chromatic palette consists of four main colors – pink, orange, lilac, and mint -, that were chosen based on the posters used during the workshops between Tate Liverpool and Inhotim Institute.

As a result of co-creation, the book also includes a manifesto, elaborated with the intent of disseminating the ideas generated during the process.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy⁣⁣
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote⁣⁣
Creative Coordinator: Pedro Albergaria ⁣⁣
Designer: Rafael Amato and Hudson Girundi
Project Manager: Izabela Rodrigues
Production: Rita Abdo