Na Medida do Impossível : Hardy Design – Estúdio de Design e Branding

Na Medida do Impossível

26th Brazilian Music Award Winner (2015).
Reddot Design Award Winner (2014).
11th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial Official Selection (2015).

Editorial Design for artist Fernanda Takai’s album “Na medida do Impossível”.

The album’s title, as well as an 1885 picture by japanese photographer Kusakabe Kimbei, brought in by the singer, inspired the creation of a narrative with fantastic elements. The all-manual assembly is reminiscent of ‘pop-up books’, three-dimensional publications that bear resemblance to origami’s paper folding technique.

Together, the resulting images tell the symbolic story of a housewife who leaves her everyday life to go after the world, reaching vast and faraway places, and eventually becomes a superhero.

“We, together, built a narrative that conversed intimately with the featured songs. What struck me most about their work was the level of detail. The search for poetic foundations, without ever abandoning humor and lightness. No wonder people have praised this new stage in my career, whose banner is precisely this album cover”.
Fernanda Takai

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Project Management: Nathália Monteiro
Design: João Marcelo Emediato
Photos: Bruno Sena