O TOM DA TAKAI : Hardy Design – Estúdio de Design e Branding


Editorial design for singer Fernanda Takai’s album O Tom da Takai, marking her third collaboration with Hardy Design.

The album’s cover brings forth the meeting between a bird and a carp, alluding to the reunion of Tom Jobim’s art with Takai’s voice. The loose and simple strokes result in a light and synthetic drawing aesthetic, in a direct semiotic link with bossa nova.

Like Takai, the carp has very strong ties with eastern culture, especially Japan. And being a cold water fish that swims against the current, it is a symbol of courage and perseverance. The bird is the animal chosen to stand for Tom’s figure, in a reference to the composer’s own illustrations.

Furthermore, there is a complementary relationship of forms between shoal and flock, fish and bird, air and water. In a more poetic reading, it is possible to discern a certain sense of reverence and respect from the fish that swims under the flying bird. Finally, the stroke that joins the two figures is one and the same.

The typesetting is another important element in the editorial design. Historically, in bossa nova albums, it plays a key role in creating a minimalist and sophisticated language. For this project, the typesetting is clean, standing out because of its composition, as well as the contrast of its red against the pastel background.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Project Manager: Marcelo Pantuzza
Design: Pedro de Albergaria
Graphic Production: Mirelle Bairral
Photos: Pedro Hansen