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Phyllon Collection

Partnership with Moon Eyewear, bronze at the Brazil Design Award 2020.

Creation of a line of glasses for Inhotim Loja Design in partnership with Moon Eyewear.

The Phyllon collection, named after the Greek name for “leaf” and produced by Moon Eyewear, is an invitation for a change in the act of observing. The project translates the essence and sensitivity of Inhotim’s look into colors and shapes, with a design that refers to the experience of the park.

The different models in the collection are inspired by three species from the botanical garden of Inhotim – Purple Taro (Colocasia esculenta), Philodendron and Crane Flower (Strelitzia reginae) – which lend their nuances and unique elements to the personalization of each product.

To connect with the store’s purpose of respecting the efficiency and wisdom of nature, the eyeglass frames were developed in a sustainable way, from the cotton seed. Manufactured manually, which brings even more value to the product, each eyewear is a unique species within the collection.

Curator: Kit Paz
Partnership: Moon Eyewear
Creative Direction: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Creative Coordination: Pedro Albergaria
Designer: Bárbara Luppi
Project Manager: Izabela Rodrigues