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Potássio do Brasil – Identity

Brand identity and website for Potássio do Brasil, a potash extraction project in the Amazonas region of Autazes.

Potássio do Brasil is a company that will extract and market potash as an alternative option for agricultural soil fertilization. The brand identity designed symbolically demonstrates the nutrient’s connection to the natural cycles of life, positioning it also as a potential driver of Brazilian economy.

The chosen chromatic palette blends the green of vegetable sprouts with the corporate brand’s graphite accent. The selection of a sans serif typography reinforces the composition’s contemporary features, and the proposed spelling shows that Amazon’s potash is Brazil’s potash.

Potássio do Brazil’s operations are scheduled to take place in the Autazes region, a rural community located in the state of Amazonas. Potássio’s website was developed with the goal of enabling new communication channels and the introduction of the company to its many audiences: investors, partners, suppliers and, especially, the riverside community involved.

In addition to all the planning, usability studies, and content structuring, images resulting from an immersion process in the Autazes community were produced in order to make this project viable.

Creative director: Mariana Hardy
Executive director: Cynthia Massote
Design: Délio Faleiro (brand identity) and Camila Malloy (digital interface)
Project managers: Ricardo Lopes and Camila Antinossi
Graphic production: Mirelle Bairral
Photography: Marcelo Coelho
Information architecture: Dinius