Precious Brazil – Identity

Partnership with Zagaia Comunicação.

Branding designed for IBGM’s – Brazilian Institute of Gems and Metals – gems, and jewelry export sectoral project.

Essence, Expertise, and Excellence are the identity’s guiding concepts. They were chosen for presenting Brazil as a country known internationally for its diversity, quality, and tradition in the gemstone market.

The logo represents the sum of the three business segments, converging on a design that points toward the future. Inspired by gemstone cutting, as well as by the glow that comes from a light spot, the orthogonal forms contrast with the watercolor organicity, in a representation of technique executed with passion. The palette is freely inspired by the colors of our precious stones.

Referencing the national flag, the graphism created is a diamond pattern that forms three-dimensional cubes, resembling the gemstone cutting process. While straight and geometric shapes refer to expertise, watercolored textures humanize and bring forth the idea of essence.

Different palettes were created for each business segment – gems and jewelry – as well as a signature for each one. The variations also include different versions of the graphism, with lines in different scales and solid colors.

With frequent participation in international fairs, the identity plays the role of creating an unity among the different booths, reinforcing Brazil’s position, and highlighting our geology’s inherent values and stone-cutting skills.

All the work with the brand resulted in the Brandbook, which encompasses positioning, concepts, visual identity usage guidelines, verbal identity, as well as application practices.

Research, planning, and strategic concept: Cynthia Massote, Lívia Hollerbach (Alas Conhecimento), and Lise Loureiro (Zagaia Comunicação)
Creative directors: Mariana Hardy and André Coelho
Project managers: Cynthia Massote, Mariana Muchon, and Mirelle Bairral
Designers: Délio Faleiro and Fernando Dias
Graphic production: Mirelle Bairral
Copywriter: Mateus Coelho