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Estufa Label – Inhotim Design Studio

Naming and brand identity for the revitalization project of Boa Esperança Farm, in Belo Vale, Minas Gerais.

In 2016, Minas Gerais state’s Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage – IEPHA/MG, in partnership with Inhotim Institute, started Refazenda – Boa Esperança Farm’s Revitalization Project, in Belo Vale, Minas Gerais. It involves a large study to identify potentialities and support actions of restoration, appreciation, and conservation of the cultural, artistic, and botanical heritage of the farm, which has been of great historical relevance since the 18th century, and has been listed by the Union since 1959.

A identidade visual desenvolvida para o projeto parte da preThe brand identity designed for the project starts from the premise of coexistence between the ancient and the current, creating dualities between colonial history and all the narratives still to come.

The name created is short and poetic, in order to bring the community closer to the project, while suggesting a new look at the past. It is presented in a mix of typographies in complementary styles, representing the different eras in question.

The various patterns of Boa Esperança Farm’s thatched roof served as inspiration for the creation of graphisms, which may show up either in tone on tone colors, or intertwining images of the Farm. From the creation of new threads, reworked now in a contemporary manner, the old and the new coexist and transform each other.

The color palette, inspired by shades present on the Farm, also reinforces this combination of past and present, blending earthy and vibrant tones.

The material created includes road signs, information totems, publications, a folder, and communication pieces produced for events held at the Farm.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Design: Fernando Dias (naming and branding identity), Gabriela Silva, Pedro de Albergaria (development)
Project Manager: Ricardo Lopes
Graphic Production: Mirelle Bairral
Photography: William Gomes