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Salla 2032

Poster of the “Save Salla” campaign, for the bid of the Finnish city of Salla to host the Summer Olympics, meant as a warning on the effects of global warming.

With the support of NGO Fridays for Future and the goal of raising awareness on the effects of global warming, Salla, a city located in Finland’s coldest region, launched a rather unconventional bid to host the 2032 Summer Olympics.

In addition to the warning implicit in the bid, meant as a form of protest, the “Save Salla” campaign also held a poster exhibit, which included an original creation by Hardy Design, Brazilian studio invited to be a part of the initiative.

In our idea for the campaign, we reclaimed some elements of the Olympics’ brand identity, such as the red circle, adding a diving illustration. Based on a gradient that alludes to climate change, the poster highlights the imminent environmental disaster, while also pointing to the fact that discussing this topic is not watching ice melt: there is still time to change our ways and take collective action so that these Games never happen.

Poster: Hardy Design Team
Initiative: Salla City, Finland
With the support of: Fridays For Future and House of Lapland