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Secrets of a Traveler (Rome and Venice Guides)

Editorial design for Ruy Araújo’s “Segredos de um Viajante” [Secrets of a Traveler] travel guides.

The idea behind every travel guide is to be a book that is easy to carry in any luggage, and practical to refer to anywhere. Based on this premise, we created the editorial design for the two volumes of “Segredos de um Viajante” [Secrets of a Traveler], written by Ruy Araújo, an engineer who turned his hobby of travelling the world into a guide for Rome and another one for Venice.

In the Rome Guide, Araújo presents valuable information about the city he has been visiting since 1973 and that, for this reason, he knows from its most popular architectural and artistic gems to its endless hidden treasures.

As for the Venice Guide, the author rounds up tips for those who will still visit it – or even for those who have already been there but didn’t manage to go beyond the canal tours and a visit to Piazza San Marco.

In both titles, the travel itinerary is divided into 5 days. In addition to recommending tours, visits, restaurants, and other cultural activities, the chapters also include a historical context of the region, as well as secrets off the beaten track.

For the graphic identity of each guide, we selected a color duo inspired by the landscapes of Rome and Venice, as well as distinctive ornaments of each city. As a complement to the concept of practicality, we included a rubber band that suggests using the guide as a notebook. The selected illustrations and photos underline the historical highlights of each place, humanizing and sophisticating the books, true pocket gems.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote
Project Manager: Nathália Monteiro
Designer: Rodrigo Marchezini, Pedro Gonzalez, João Marcelo Emediato
Graphic Production: Autêntica Publisher
Editorial Coordinator: Sílvia Rubião
Photos within the book: Ruy Araújo, Ana Paola Araújo, and Willen de Brujin
Illustrations: Cláudio Ferlauto