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TAO - Public Relations

Visual identity for public relations company

For the new identity of TAO, a public relations company whose commitment is to be, at all times, with its partners, we adopted a more direct language and aligned with the tagline “Together as One”. The concept of union is translated into the logo by means of a typographic composition with ligatures, in a clean and bold font. The comma and the guidelines stand for the place where the brand voice tone can be expressed, a space that can be filled with content that reinforces the company’s operating segment or positioning. The elements also refer to the channels of dialogue always open, in order to connect businesses and people.

Other visual resources are the color diptychs, which leverages bright and sharpness to the new identity. The graphic assets also represent the connections that can be established through communication, both of TAO with its customers, and of its customers with the public.

In contrast to the intensity of colors and typography, the identity brings simple compositions with large blank areas. In this way, the company projects itself with visual force but leaves an open space for the content of its customers. The repertoire is enriched with large colorful geometric shapes used in the new office’s environmental graphics, which migrate the colors of the identity to the workspace and insert all the concepts of the brand in the company’s daily routine.

Creative Direction: Mariana Hardy⁣⁣
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote⁣⁣
Designer: Fernando Dias
Project Manager: Joana Rocha