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The Clown

Brand identity for the feature film “The Clown”, book featuring its making of, and soundtrack album.

In order to convey the universe of the movie “The Clown” into the brand identity and its future byproducts, we sought inspiration in the circus aesthetic, and all the iconography that this playful and nomadic space brings together in its performances. The marketing campaign for the movie featured two posters, one for independent and arthouse cinemas, and another for the multiplex.

The idea for the book came from director Selton Mello, who decided to document in print his filming process, the movie’s characters, and the production’s backstage.

In addition to an interview with actor-director Selton Mello, the publication features excerpts from the film’s screenplay, illustrations created for the opening of each chapter, as well as images that reveal the behind the scenes, and tell a little bit about circus history.

The movie’s original soundtrack was composed by Plínio Profeta, and its album’s cover and booklet were created by Hardy Design.

Creative Director: Mariana Hardy⁣⁣
Executive Director: Cynthia Massote⁣⁣
Designer: Guilherme Athayde
Illustration and calligraphy: Conrado Almada
Project Manager: Nathália Monteiro
Production: Master Books Publisher