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Vale do Mutum

Editorial design for Tavinho Moura’s book on Atlantic Forest’s birds.

The editorial design’s starting point is the applied image formats, in order to maintain the photography’s due relevance, with no excessive cropping. The same thought-process was used in the paper choice, with the intent of achieving higher color definition in the final product.

The photos are interspersed with pages of text, filled with gracious and poetic narratives about the birds.

“We arrive at Hardy with the original sample of a book filled with dreams and emotions. What we have in mind starts to be transformed, new observations come up, going through rigorous filtering channels. Attention, emotion, imagination, and a ritual of joy, discipline, and work surprise us, proving that art is the best way to communicate.”
Tavinho Moura

Creative director: Mariana Hardy
Executive director: Cynthia Massote
Project manager: Mariana Muchon
Design: Débora Cruz and Carolina Santana
Graphic production: Mirelle Bairral
Photography: Tavinho Moura
Watercolor illustrations: Sandra Bianchi